Episode 1: Omar Spahi, Writer of Xenoglyphs

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Omar Spahi interviews himself in this inaugural episode of the Dreamer Comics Podcast.  We gain insight into the creation process of many different comic books that Omar has been a part of including; Xenoglyphs, Thaniel, Hadrian’s Wall and Terminarch.  Omar touches on the different ways that he navigates the writing process, working with other artists as well as the advertising and marketing side of the industry.


Links to all Omar’s content can be found here:


Topics that Omar discusses:


  • How long he has been a comic book creator and where his love for comics came from.
  • Motivations that led to starting a comic book series.
  • How brainstorming and genre selection helps the writing process.
  • The writing process and starting with the end in mind.
  • The collaborative process between a writer and artist.
  • Allowing each member of the artistic process to express themselves in the process.
  • Contacting and working with publishers.
  • How vital and beneficial editors are to the writing process.
  • How Steve Wands influenced the lettering choices in the creation process.
  • Taking a book from amateur to professional quality and the impact of lettering.
  • Building lasting and beneficial relationships with artists.
  • Specific sales numbers on book release, and comparisons to printing costs.
  • How the creation of Thaniel came to be.
  • Steps to creating effective marketing and advertising campaigns.
  • Methods to get your comic book sold in stores.
  • Different iterations of publishing mediums.
  • Working with other creators and how to create the connections.
  • How working with bigger name creators affect sales.
  • Collaborating with larger production companies and artists.
  • The difficulties of marketing and moving your product as an indie creator.
  • How to utilize Kickstarter and convention networking.
  • The wonderful community of comic book creators and readers!


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