Episode 46: Duncan Rouleau, Man of Action, Creator Ben 10, Big Hero 6, Writer/Artist Metal Men, Artist X-Men

Tim Duncan, King Duncan, Duncan Donuts, there’s a ton of great Duncans, but the best by far is Duncan Rouleau. He’s created Ben 10, Big Hero 6 as well as an amazing Writer and artist for X-men, Metal Men, and the Nightmarist.

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Duncan Rouleau is one of the founding members of Man of Action Entertainment and has worked in the entertainment business for a number of years.  He is an accomplished artist that has worked in comic books as well as films.  His art has been featured in well known comic universes such as X-Men, Ultimate Spiderman, and Mega Man.  Duncan also has TV and film accomplishments, such as being one of the creators of “Ben 10” as well as “Big Hero 6”


In this episode of Dream Comics Podcast, Omar and Duncan dive into the origins of Duncan’s love for comics and how he came to work in the industry.  They also discuss the different mediums that Duncan has worked on as an artist, such as storyboarding for films, and how many art mediums are interconnected and how he navigated the industries.


You can connect with Duncan Rouleau here:


Topics that Omar and Duncan discuss:


  • Why it is important to continue to develop your stories and have a new audience in mind as your stories evolve
  • How different artistic mediums you may be involved in can be more interconnected than you realize.
  • The importance of a company name in giving a glimpse into what the company can accomplish.
  • Transitions a company can make to remain versatile and produce work in several mediums.
  • Childhood fantasies that you can carry on in your artistic works, and the impact it can have on your books.
  • How some of your initial relationships with artists and lead to impactful professional relationships in the future.
  • How some of your creations can be picked up and taken to grander places as time goes on, such as Big Hero 6 being turned into an Oscar-winning film.
  • Disney’s marketing approach and the impact it can have on the artists involved.
  • Transcending international artistic and animation art styles.
  • Strategies for overcoming career doubt and how diversification of ideas can help keep you working.
  • The joys of creating art, and the importance of creation whether it is paying the bills.
  • Creating a brand of yourself is the most important step in creating an artistic career.
  • The importance of experiences and diversification of skill sets in being a successful artist.
  • How doing your best work at all times is the most important aspect of succeeding as an artist.
  • Knowing how to disseminate your art to the correct audience is an important aspect of running a thriving company as an artist.


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