Episode 63 Joe Kelly (Part 3): Man of Action, Avengers, Deadpool, Ultimate: Spider-man, Ben 10 Reboot, Zak Storm, Generator Rex

Joe Kelly has done it all, comics, animation, TV and movies. Listen in as we talk about Joe’s journey doing it all and how they’re all connected from his early adventures through NYU and Marvel to his adventures to the big and small screen. He’s done it all!

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Joe Kelly is an American comic book and film screenwriter as well as a producer.  He is one of the founders and owners of Man of Action Entertainment, a creative studio that has created hits such as Ben 10 and Ultimate Spiderman.  Over his prolific career, Joe has worked for Marvel, DC and Image comics, and has continued to create interesting and engaging stories and characters.  Beyond comics, Joe has ventured onto the big screen with movies such as “I Kill Giants”.  Joe has proven to be a force in writing across all mediums and continues to create engaging characters and storylines as his writing catalog continues to grow.


In this episode, Joe and Omar go into great length into both the evolution of Joe’s career as well as the process involved.  We gain a deep look into how Joe navigated through the comic book industry in the early days to what his current projects are on the horizon and everything in between.  Omar and Joe also dive into the creative process and touch on advice applicable to creative professionals in every medium.


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“When that door cracks open, you have to be ready to run through it.”


Topics Joe and Omar discuss:

  • How early comic books can pique your interest in a genre and teach you how to develop your characters.
  • The different ways that your audience can relate to your characters on a fundamental level.
  • Importance of balancing your cast of characters to create a deep and interesting storyline.
  • The different takes that a writer can have on a character and how that can add long-lasting, defining characteristics important to the character.
  • Finding the humanity in your characters when you are creating them is what leads to an interesting and long-lasting character.
  • Some ways that the collaborative process can get messy between artists and editors and how expectation need to be clear for every party.
  • Incorporating different life events that are potentially normal and typical, and how they can add very interesting aspects to your stories.
  • The challenges of adapting your own work to a new medium, as well as the joys of working through that process.
  • Some insights into the infamous 20 pitches in 20 minutes meeting that lead to the creation of Ben 10.
  • How presenting yourself as a business and in a professional manner can open doors in other industries.
  • How Ben 10 started in the beginning to becoming a global brand in 175 countries.
  • Sometimes the limits put on a project by a production company can lead to expanding your creative repertoire.
  • Relationships are some of the most important things you can create when you are collaborating with other artists in the industry as you work through your career.
  • Drawing inspiration from important people in your life to create stories and characters that are personal to them.
  • How you can take a seemingly crazy and isolated idea or image and turn it into a full and complex story.
  • The necessity to keep opening avenues with your storytelling to continue drawing new fans to your ideas.
  • The length of time it can take to see your project realized in its final form can be extremely long and demoralizing at times, but the work is worth doing.
  • The importance of self-motivation when you are deep in the trenches of the creative process.
  • When grinding through the artistic process, it is important to find other collaborators at your similar level who can complement your work with their own strengths.


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